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NEC is leveraging the power of ICT to solve social and economic issues such as traffic congestion in public transport. By applying the experience it has cultivated over many years of delivering successful projects to customers, NEC is contributing to achieving a more eco-friendly public transportation infrastructure.

NEC's Traffic Management Systems (TMS) is an advanced public transportation fleet management system that presents transit agencies (and Public Transport Operators) with effective, data-powered tools for vehicle and fleet planning, measuring performance, streamlining operations, monitoring of fleet location and delivering new and improved services

Service performance and planning management – efficiency of transit operations is monitored and reported, namely emphasis is put on route and schedule adherence monitoring, excess wait time monitoring with the goal to improve the on time transit performance and service regularity

Incident management – real time incident management, enabling Service Controllers to make informed decisions and timely responses to voice or data messages (emergency, PRTT, PTT, BTT request) and have the overall picture how the entire bus fleet or a portion is performing

Data Analysis - the TMS system components produce large amounts lot of data of transit performance and event data in a very short time. As a result, it is important for associated analysis tools to have the capacity to process and interpret these large volumes of data to support service performance and patronage reporting. The possibilities for deriving valuable information from these data are virtually unlimited and represent a critical element of a public transport support infrastructure