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NEC Postal Automation

NEC Postal Automation

NEC Postal Automation systems integrate the latest advances in electronics and mechatronics and their achievements include such breakthroughs as the world's first OCR/Video Coding System / Letter Sorting Machine, able to read not only handwritten Chinese/Japanese characters but also handwritten addresses written in the Roman alphabet.


NEC product portfolio offers a wide range of sorting platforms for all mail processing phases and streams including cross-stream solutions. Our adaptive project approach means a solution can be found for the most challenging tasks - from sorting a wide range of formats to in-line weighing.

Pre-Sorting and Cross Stream
Culling, facing & cancelling of multi-stream mail and the ability to weigh items provides a robust pre-sorting and revenue protection system. Able to sort small letters and flat items, state of the art technology is coupled with high-speed processing.

The wide range of letter platforms cover the complete sorting process. Outward sorting platforms with colour scanners are complemented by downstream barcode sorters and sequencing platforms.

A flat sorting platform for every environment. From basic single feeder solutions for low volumes to fully automatic multi-feeder solutions with hundreds of outlets - NEC has a flat sorting platform to suit every business case.

Bulky Items
NEC's bulky item sorters can be equipped with flat feeders and completly integrated into the IT systems for automatic processing. Both classic horizontal and vertical configurations are available.


NEC provides in-line recognition systems as well as centrally pooled systems for resource sharing. Coupled with NEC’s modern reporting, configuration and management systems, the information technology platforms provide a powerful processing core to all NEC’s sorting platforms.

Recognition technology has been developed by NEC for high performance recognition of machine-printed and hand-written addresses alongside pattern and shape recognition. The systems provide a complete solution for address and feature sorting.

Centralised Processing
NEC's centralised processing systems allow cross platform processing and shared resource usage, resulting in higher performance and economies of scale. By centralising core recognition tasks, a uniform view of all processing steps and phases can be achieved.

Information Systems
Using item-by-item data capture as the base for all statistics, the NEC Information Systems provide detailed, accurate and timely data for all connected systems. Open interfaces ensure full data accessibility and reporting flexibility.