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Public SafetyPublic Safety

Identity and Access


Access Control

NEC’s Access Control solution is suitable for all organisations leveraging security access cards and managing tiered levels of access to different infrastructure. Access Control leverages NEC’s facial recognition software to capture images of employees, visitors or other personnel accessing buildings or infrastructure, and matches those faces to a database of approved people to grant or deny access.


NEC’s Security solution leverages NEC’s facial recognition software to provide access and watch list capability. People of interest can be identified and an alert can be sent to staff, security or any other stakeholder to then determine what action needs to be taken.


NEC provides applications that are focussed on delivering a more efficient, friction-free experience for VIPs and known customers of hospitality environments and businesses where there is a need to identify their high value customers. Facial recognition enables positive identification of known customers providing the ability to personalize content and level of hospitality as appropriate. Alerts can also be raised to highlight the presence of VIPs.


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