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Public SafetyPublic Safety

Law Enforcement, Government and Immigration

Law Enforcement, Government and Immigration


NeoFace Watch

Designed for operational security users, NeoFace Watch integrates with existing video surveillance systems. Watch extracts faces in real time from surveillance, or even web cameras, and instantaneously matches them against one or more watch lists of individuals. NeoFace Watch is the most accurate real-time facial recognition application available as independently tested by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

NeoFace Smart ID

NeoFace Smart ID is NEC’s mobile facial recognition solution providing positive, multimodal biometric identification using smartphones and tablets. NeoFace Smart ID solution is the most accurate mobile fingerprint and facial recognition application available today as independently tested by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

NeoFace Reveal/Assure

NeoFace Reveal is NEC’s highly accurate, fast and flexible facial recognition solution for investigative workflows using images and video evidence of varying quality.

NeoFace Assure is designed to effectively identify instances of fraud in identity issuance programs, assuring the integrity of passports, driver’s license and other credentialing solutions.


NEC’s Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) combine biometric technology, such as fingerprint identification and facial recognition, to provide a solution to fit the needs of law enforcement. ABIS can also integrate other modes of biometric technology, such as iris and voice. For over 24 years, NEC New Zealand has supplied and maintained biometric solutions for NZ Police.

Biometrics Identity as a Service (BiaS)

For agencies that need to deploy world-class identity solutions but wish to avoid the large capital expenditure needed, NEC offers Biometrics Identity as a service. In addition, NEC can offer an optional disaster recovery capability at a remote site as well as an optional shared matching service to allow agencies to share the costs of a matching service.

Border Protection

NEC has a wide range of products to assist with effective border control, including biometric e-gates for security and facilitation of border crossings. Other applications that are typically used at the border are mobile identification devices using facial recognition and fingerprints and facial surveillance systems for detection of frequent travellers and persons of interest.

Inter-Agency Collaboration (IAC)

NEC has developed Inter-Agency Collaboration (IAC) to leverage various hardware and software technologies to provide a shared data platform allowing agencies to collaborate in real-time.

Data from sources such as CCTVs and other visual sensors are combined with machine learning techniques such as video analytics, to provide real-time data feeds for agencies to see what is happening right now. Agencies have various tiers of access depending on the need for data and security clearance and the system is deployed in a closed-loop to ensure the platform meets necessary privacy guidelines.

Video Surveillance and Analytics as Service (VsaS)

NEC makes video smart. Thanks to our sophisticated analytical back-end, we are able to provide cloud-based video analytics to government agencies and private organizations. Our sophisticated, award-winning analytical tools can perform facial recognition, human behaviour detection (loitering, zone trespassing, suspicious movement), license plate recognition, object recognition and object removal/drop detection.


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