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Public Safety


Live, work and play in safety -- 'Safer Cities' is an integral part of NEC's vision for Smart Cities, where people are able to live, work, and play in safety and comfort while also coexisting in harmony with the environment.  NEC offers advanced technologies and solutions to make this a reality.

With the growing need to use biometric identification to provide robust security at borders as well as to grant access control in critical infrastructures, the integration of AI technologies is more critical than ever (e.g. liveness detection, tailgating detection etc.). Not only that, accurate and secure authentication are also necessary for safe and efficient operations of e-businesses and e-governance with the growing number of online transactions (e.g. banking, public administration etc.).

NEC boasts a solid history of supplying biometrics ID systems across the globe, leveraging 40 years of experience with 700 systems located in more than 70 countries worldwide. NEC also provides multi-modal solutions including fingerprint, face, iris, voice and more.

With security concerns being the focal point in today’s IoT era, there has been an increase in camera surveillance but the effectiveness of such surveillance is limited to the availability of human resources in monitoring all gathered data. Through extensive application of video analytics, NEC’s surveillance system creates a full-proof security wall that analyzes crime data with real time monitoring.

NEC's face recognition technology took first place for the fourth consecutive time following the 2009 Multiple Biometric Grand Challenge (MBGC 2009), 2010-2011 Multiple Biometrics Evaluation (MBE 2010-2011), and 2013 Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT 2013)