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Palo Alto Networks and NEC

Palo Alto Gold Partner Award Winners

About Palo Alto

Palo Alto Networks take security to a new level through a fully coordinated cyber security chain. Instead of simply detecting and remediating, they have created software and services that actively prevent breaches.

The Approach

This previously unimaginable level of security is possible through a next-gen security platform available from NEC New Zealand, which safely enables all applications for all users on any device, on any network, at any time.

As the only security provider to offer such a game-changing and innovative approach to security products and services — from enterprise to government sectors alike, together NEC and Palo Alto Networks are empowering customers to unleash their workforce, ignite growth and achieve corporate goals.

Global Partner Award Winner

APAC Partner of the Year: NEC, Soi Yeong Lim, NEC & Keith Carter & Jeffrey Cheong, Palo Alto NetworksKeith Carter (Palo Alto), Soi Yeong Lim (NEC), Ron Myers and Jeffrey Cheong (both Palo Alto Networks)

In 2016, Palo Alto recognized seven Global Partner Award winners for their superior performance in areas such as year-over-year growth, enablement, joint planning and services capabilities.

NEC received the 2016 Asia Pacific Partner of the Year award.


Talk to the NEC team today about how we can secure your business tomorrow and in the future.

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