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Projector Technology

NEC Projector Technology

NEC Virtual Remote ToolVirtual Remote - The supplied VGA cable allows the projector to be controlled from a PC.

Virtual Remote

Download the Virtual Remote Tool utility software to operate your projector from your PC. When connected to a PC, the projector can be controlled without using the remote controller or operating the buttons on the main unit of the projector, so that you can efficiently and effortlessly proceed with meetings or classes. The following projector operations are possible from your computer / laptop:

  • Power on / off
  • Input signal switching
  • Muting (temporarily disabling audio / video)
  • Freezing (locking the projected image)
  • Operating Remote Control

[Note] Use the supplied VGA signal cable for your projector. This function may not work depending on the specifications of your connected computer or your graphics adaptor and the version of your driver

Projector Management Software

PC Control Utility Pro 4

NEC Projector Management SoftwarePC Control Utility Pro 4 software

This software is a great solution for education and large corporations who need to monitor and control usage of projectors. Connect a LAN cable to the projector to control it from a remote PC via the network.

This software controls the power on/off switching, the input signal switching, and other functions of the connected projector. It also manages the lamp usage time, filter life, and a wide variety of other information. The software can also control the projector according to a specified schedule, and can report any faults via email.

Network Capable Projectors

NEC's new range of network enabled projectors offer you leading edge technology to proactively manage and maintain your projectors on a network. Take control of your business with our simple, easy to use software. Make your life a breeze with NEC.

  • Smart cost saving AV solutions for business and education
  • Learn how to reduce your overheads and support costs
  • Manage your lamp replacement and maintenance efficiently
  • Networking capabilities such as monitoring lamp use, remote diagnostics, reporting and monitoring usage
  • Automatically email your administrator or reseller before the lamp is due for replacement
  • Schedule software to switch your projectors on/off at predetermined times
  • Broadcast your meetings and training sessions to multiple projectors over the network
  • Virtual remote - control the projector from your desktop with no extra cables

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