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Display SolutionsDisplay Solutions

Large-Screen LCDs

NEC Professional-Grade Large-Screen LCD Displays

As a world-leading name in digital signage, NEC displays are installed in some of the most challenging and highly visited locations and venues across the world.

From 24/7 LED backlit displays for performance critical applications to high performance value and reference options, NEC leads the market for commercial signage solutions you can trust.

  • Entry, Value, Professional and Xtreme series
  • 32" - 98"
  • OPS Compatible
  • Thin & Ultra-Thin Bezel

E Series: Entry-Level Large Format Displays

NEC E705 LCD Display

NEC's E Series deliver cost-effective solutions while maintaining extensive feature sets and high visual quality that's expected with commercial grade displays. With their large size, full external control and expanded connectivity, these displays are the ideal solution for all boardroom, conference room and meeting room type of applications

Size Brightness Panel Resolution
32" - 90" 300 - 360 cd/m² MVA / VA / A-MVA / UV²A 1366 x 768 - 1920 x 1080

V Series: Value Large Format Displays

NEC V552 LCD Display

NEC’s V-series high-performance large-screen displays utilize LED backlighting to deliver both environmental and functional benefits for digital signage. The V Series commercial-grade panels are capable of displaying brilliant imagery and capturing the audience’s attention. With integrated temperature sensors and fans, these displays are ideal in applications that require extended use, including retail stores, restaurants, indoor venues, training facilities and corporate boardrooms.

Size Brightness Panel Resolution
32" - 80" 450 - 500 cd/m² S-IPS / A-MVA / AMVA3 / UV²A 1920 x 1080

P Series: Professional Large Format Displays

NEC P463 LCD Display

NEC's P Series set the standard for rugged 24/7 use in the harshest installation environments. LED edge lighting delivers environmental, economic, and aesthetic impact. With a decreased total cost of ownership, a thinner and lighter cabinet, and customizable connectivity options, the P series displays deliver stunning solutions. Everytime. This new generation of display received a full chassis upgrade with the addition of a second expansion slot, faster processing times, evolved daisy chain performance, and near field communication capabilities (for setup and servicing only).

Size Brightness Panel Resolution
40" - 80" 700 cd/m² SPVA / UV²A 1920 x 1080

X Series: Speciality Large Format Displays

NEC X981UHD LCD Display

NEC's X-Series sets the standard for rugged 24/7 use in the harshest installation environments while also ushering in a new era of visual experience with the X-Series UHD models. These displays set new standards in image size and quality with up to a 98" canvas with UHD (3840 x2160) resolution at full 60Hz. State of the art innovation delivers 24/7 runtimes with high end components and LED backlighting. Ideal for any industrial application, from control rooms to conferencing to life size digital signage.

Size Brightness Panel Resolution
40" - 98" 450 - 1400 cd/m² SPVA / S-IPS 1920 x 1080 - 3840 x 2160

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