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mybiz expo 2012

14-16 October 2012 - ASB Showgrounds, Auckland - Stand 3198

mybiz expo 2012 - Visit NEC at Stand 3198

Helping New Zealanders connect for 50 years

Although you may not know it, NEC provides the backbone that supports much of the communications infrastructure which connects New Zealand.

Every day in New Zealand, we help connect over 80,000 mobile and landline telephone calls every five minutes and support millions of email and internet interactions. Our technology sorts over 750,000,000 pieces of mail every year. As the world’s leading innovator in public safety, our solutions provide identification services for law enforcement agencies and border control. Our visual displays help get the message across in boardrooms, banks, airports, and while on the go.

This year NEC celebrates 50 years of bringing grassroots technology to New Zealand.

Our vision for the next 50 years - we will be helping you to manage our water, energy and waste in environmentally sustainable ways with an initial focus on agriculture. NEC’s leading technologies in facial recognition and identity management will help with your safety for Governments, businesses, and communities. Our leading edge commercial range of display solutions coupled with advanced networking will help you realise new ways of interaction in business and play.

Visit NEC at stand 3198 on The Boulevard, and experience the exciting innovations that will help to shape the next 50 years for our country.

  • Meet PaPeRo - The world’s cutest robot
  • View the latest digital display solutions and screen technology
  • Have fun matching yourself to celebrities using our latest biometrics technology
  • Enter our draw to win true NZ style getaways

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