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NEC NZ Introduces High-Bright LCD Display For Digital Signage Applications

NEC New Zealand Ltd, a leading stand-alone provider of commercial LCD displays, data projectors and innovative digital signage solutions, announced the release of the 46-inch MultiSync X461HB high-bright professional display.

This new model is enhanced by more than 30 advanced features of the Digital Signage Technology Suite that allow it to stand out in heavily-lit environments. With a brightness measurement at 1500 cd/m ² and contrast ratio of 3500:1, the MultiSync X461HB boasts 110% higher brightness than NEC's previous-generation displays.

The MultiSync X Series display is ideal for environments heavy with ambient light, such as corporate lobbies, atriums and restaurants. The X461HB high-bright display provides an extraordinary amount of brightness that outperforms displays using standard settings, allowing it to be truly noticeable in environments where typical, standard brightness would normally seem dim or washed out.

Its advanced features detect nearby light and automatically adjust the display according to its surroundings. Having a brilliant display in a highly-trafficked, brightly-lit area is crucial to getting a message across, and the X461HB's unrivalled screen performance is the essential solution to these elements.

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