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Unbundled Local Loop a Step Closer for Wellington Region

NEC working with Actrix, Wellington region’s local ISP, brings the reality of unbundled local loop a step closer with the first deployment in New Zealand of its latest Multi Service Access Node (MSAN) product, the AM3110.

Leonard Dench, General Manager Carrier & Provider for NEC in New Zealand says: “NEC has played an integral part in the development of this country’s communications infrastructure for more than 30 years. We’re delighted to continue our tradition of working with industry leaders that enable us to provide technology solutions that will improve the day-to-day lives of ordinary New Zealanders.”

The AM31 product range meets the copper, fi bre, and wireless application needs of today’s service providers and is designed for high density central offi ce, roadside street cabinet and building deployments. The product’s capabilities represent the highest densities available on today’s market, enabling cost-effective entry into the broadband arena. Built to meet the highest of industry standards, the AM31 products embrace the future in an open multi-vendor environment.

With a proven track record developing and supporting New Zealand’s PSTN, NEC’s accredited professional services team are installing and commissioning the MSAN equipment for Actrix, providing the assurance of a 100% NEC managed turnkey solution.

“We chose NEC as our technology partner in New Zealand because they complement and enhance our good reputation for providing the highest quality services to our customers” says Actrix CEO, George Reedy.

Using the strengths of extensive broadband experience gained in Japan and the development of a centre of excellence in Australia, NEC plans to continue introducing a range of innovative Next Generation services to the New Zealand market, enabled through the expanding reach and capacity of broadband access.

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