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Smart CitySmart City

Kite Smart City Platform

Smart City Platforms

NEC’s Smart City Platform provides the underlying infrastructure necessary to enable a Smart City.

Kite Operating Platform

NEC’s Kite Operating Platform is a platform for cities to collect and visualise data from millions of sensors in a city. The Platform provides enabling models and tools for city managers to make informed day-to-day decisions regarding city services and understand patterns and trends throughout a city.

The Platform is based on the FIWARE open source API-enabled platform and Generic Enabler, created by the EU-funded Future Internet Project.

Originally deployed in Santander, Spain, NEC’s Kite Operating Platform is now deployed in Wellington and Christchurch in New Zealand.

Smart Board

Smart Board is a shared data platform enabling multiple agencies to collaborate on city safety and make informed operational decisions.

Smart Board combines hardware such as CCTV, audio sensors and volatile (smelling) sensors with machine learning techniques, such as video and audio analytics, to provide data feeds for agencies to see what is happening in real-time.

The Smart Board allows agencies to create heat maps on the situational awareness view to see street-level trends and patterns, such as movement of various incidents over time, or changes in the location of incidents due to different events, weather or any other factors.


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