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Smart CitySmart City

Kite Flexible Sensing Platform

Kite - The Key to Enabling a Smart City

Every city around the globe is exploring how technology, networks and devices can improve city services, gain a real-time understanding of what is happening in a city and enhance citizen engagement.

Breakthroughs in materials science and recent innovations in microelectronics and production are ushering through a new age of low-cost, high-quality sensors. This opens up the way for widespread sensor deployments providing spatially granular data for more informed decision making.

However, there still remain a number of traditional barriers to the widespread deployment of sensors; namely the cost of installing sensors, providing power and backhaul, and the overheads associated with planning and permissions and the delays they incur. A truly smart city must be fast, flexible and capable of adapting to its citizens’ needs and the changing variables affecting city wide sustainability.

Kite, NEC’s flexible sensing platform, is the key enabler to achieving this goal.

What is Kite?

The Kite Flexible Sensing Platform enables a city to implement any sensor, in any location, to measure data. Kite also acts as:

  • A physical platform enabling a city-wide wireless mesh network
  • A platform for consolidating and backhauling sensor data
  • A platform for two-way sensor management
  • A solution for sharing data with various parties
  • An agnostic gateway compatible with heterogeneous sensor hardware
  • The interface between a city’s sensor network and the cloud
A Kite device is installed into a city’s infrastructure. This device connects to sensors within a set radius through wireline or mesh networking technology and consolidates the data measured by the connected sensors. Once the data is consolidated, Kite backhauls the data to the cloud for analysis and sharing with the appropriate parties.

Kite also leverages the power of mesh networking. Mesh networking is a network topology in which smaller, low powered sensors (sensor motes) relay data for the network. This extends the range of the network by allowing data to be transmitted between motes and increases the reliability of the network through self-healing; the ability to create alternate paths when one mote fails or a connection is lost.

What Sensors Are Available?

Kite is designed to support all current sensors and be future-proofed for tomorrow’s sensor deployments. Current Kite deployments are measuring the following data:

  • Air Quality
  • Water Quality
  • Pedestrian Mobility
  • Waste Management
  • Parking
  • Street Lighting
  • Solvent Detection
  • Graffiti Detection
Kite is designed to allow for rapid plug and play of sensors without the need for additional development or integration.

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