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Smart CitySmart City

Smart City Applications

Smart City Applications

Safe City

Anti-Social Behaviour monitoring and Inter-Agency Collaboration achieved through machine learning technology and NEC’s Smart Board common data platform. Solutions inform response to incidents, provide
understanding of street-level trends and assist future urban design planning.


NEC’s global experience in transport infrastructure supported by new Kite and CCOC platforms to offer innovative Public Transport, Multi-Modal Vehicle Counting, Transport Experience and Parking solutions.
NEC’s Kite platform provides significant opportunities for inter-service collaboration such as combining air quality and emissions data with traffic data by mode and major route congestion.


Installed in waste receptacles, sensors measure rubbish levels and inform city waste management to empty bins efficiently, reducing fuel cost and environmental impact. Sensing enabled by Kite platform and
visualised on CCOC. Kite also allows inter-service sensing to understand other factors, such as air quality data and people movement, to aid urban design around city waste areas.


Water Quality sensors detect pollution or contamination to highlight risk to public health in real time, deployed on Kite platform. Pipe Leak Management provides city water companies with targeted response to infrastructure damage lowering cost of maintenance and repairs.

Air Quality

The deployment of cost-effective, calibrated air quality sensors provides a city-wide, granular understanding of factors such as temperature, humidity, noise levels and CO2 levels.

Inter-Service Street Lighting

NEC provide adaptive and proximity lighting solutions to create significant financial and energy reductions. Deployed upon NEC’s Kite platform, Inter-Service Street lighting allows a city to influence other verticals, such as strobing streetlights to deter anti-social behaviour.


NEC’s Kite platform enables People Counting and Pedestrian Mobility solutions to provide anonymous counts of people and flows to assist asset management and crowd management.


NEC’s Kite platform enables volatile (smelling) sensors to be deployed in areas within the city which are prone to graffiti damage. Sensors detect graffiti in action and alert city managers to respond.


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