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NEC New ZealandNEC New Zealand

About NEC New Zealand Ltd

Mitre Point, Milford Sound, New Zealand


Our commitment to quality, reliability and value has seen NEC through 25 years of innovation in New Zealand.

  • We provide the highest quality Digital Display Solutions, providing a wide range of LCD's, Projectors, Software and Networking Solutions
  • Our advanced technology provides biometric technology including digital fingerprinting, facial recognition and intelligent video
  • Our products form the backbone of New Zealand's communications infrastructure

Now, every day of every week NEC touches the lives of everyday New Zealanders. While most people are unaware of the technology they depend upon, everyday NEC:

  • Sorts 1,500,000 pieces of mail with many more being sorted over Christmas.
  • Connects more than 80,000 landline and mobile telephone calls every 5 minutes including calls to 0800, 0900 and emergency service numbers.
  • Processes in excess of 110,000,000 call minutes through New Zealand and internationally.
  • Distributes and displays the key advertising messages you see on hundreds of digital signage screens.
  • Provides advanced audio visual solutions, including interactive whiteboards to corporate New Zealand and many of our schools.
  • Protects the safety of our communities by scanning the finger and palm prints of those apprehended by law enforcement agencies

For over 100 years, NEC has been a technology innovator and supplier of highly effective, reliable solutions that can be depended on by users and operators alike.

Application Development

At the heart of NEC's capability lies the Application Development Team. This team is responsible for development of new software based products, research into next generation networks (mobile, fixed, packet based, biometrics, audio visual), prototyping of new ideas/concepts, and engineering customer solutions. NEC NZ has been involved in the development of software in NZ since 1982.


A key business for NEC, we have supplied the NZ Police with leading fingerprinting technology for nearly 20 years. NEC can develop biometric solutions for the following biometric categories.

  • Fingerprint
  • Palm print
  • Facial recognition
  • Behaviour recognition

While some deployments are confidential, an excellent example of the innovation displayed in the biometrics area is the award winning 'Face to Face' competition run for Sanitarium's Weet-Bix brand which was the first commercial deployment of facial recognition for a New Zealand campaign. This was so successful it was repeated in Australia.


NEC supplies and installs commercial AV equipment to some of our biggest name brand companies. These companies have all made a major investment in their brands and the digital content displayed. They know that this investment would be unproductive if the screen or projector fails so NEC is the brand of choice when it really matters. Often these networks operate in demanding environments and our customers appreciate the on site warranty and the can do problem solving attitude of our staff.

Contact Us

NEC welcomes any and all inquiries regarding any NEC product lines or general inquires as to how else we can assist you.

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